Sierra Cluster

Sierra – Smart Home for Every Generation

Sierra is the newest cluster at Serenia Hills. Equipped with Smart Home Technology for additional comfort and security. These modern homes feature clean and minimalist design 

with 3+1 Sierra – Smart Home for Every Generation bedroom and ample space so you can move freely with space to grow as a family. Located within the heart of the Serenia Hills complex, residents of the Sierra cluster can enjoy the fresh air and surrounding green landscapes of Serenia Hills in Lebak Bulus, South Jakarta.  

Homes at the Sierra cluster include Avana and Brava house types, bother of which feature 5 State-of-the-Art facilities: Airy; Spacious; Lively; Suitable and Thoughtful.


Open the large windows and experience the cooling fresh air and natural light as it flows through your home and energizes your daily activities. The large trees around Serenia Hills freshen the air that ventilates your home, and even help to lower your electricity bills by reducing reliance on powered air conditioners. 


Enjoy the large living and dining spaces that give you more freedom and comfort at home, especially when you have family or friends around. The high ceiling will cool your home on hot days and the airy design makes your home more energy-efficient. The Superior Airflow and Open Living Areas give the Avana home a wonderful sense of space. 


The homes at Sierra are thoughtfully designed for every generation, with plenty of natural light and airflow permeating throughout the house, and spacious living areas to make your family experiences comfortable and enjoyable. Entertain family and friends and experience the positive energy of a home with optimum air flow and plenty of natural light.  


The extra multifunction room on the ground level gives you the additional space to design your home just the way you want. 

Whether you need an inspiring office or study, a hobby room, or a playroom for your kids, you can easily create the perfect space you desire. The multifunction room also benefits from the natural light and the exceptional airflow of each home.


Every little detail of the Sierra cluster homes have been tailored to suit your daily needs and make your living experience convenient. From a Smart Home system, hidden cabinets for extra storage to the confined outdoor garbage, each element of the home is designed to help you do more.

The Smart Homes at Sierra are designed for comfort and flexibility. Each space of the home has been carefully tailored to make your living experience simpler and more enjoyable. From state-of-the-art amenities to flexible spaces and environmentally conscious design, these modern smart homes are made to grow with your family. 


Luas Tanah 117M2 , Luas Bangunan 235M2, Rumah tiga lantai, ada 3 kamar tidur dan 3 kamar mandi


Luas Tanah 104M2 , Luas Bangunan 204M2, Rumah tiga lantai, ada 3 kamar tidur dan 3 kamar mandi

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